Wheel lift Towing

At Find Tow Trucks we have an intricate understanding of the craft of towing vehicles. Our expertise in the area, constantly striving to keep up with the innovations and years of experience help us determine which towing technique is the most suitable for any given situation. As the vehicles have evolved over time. Types of towing techniques and equipment have had to be innovated constantly as well to meet the demand.

Certain clients may request specific types of tows for their vehicle and we always oblige unless a better alternative exists. A wheel lift tow is one of the services that is provided and is well known for preventing damage to vehicles. It is excellent for getting vehicles out of tight spots. While also incredibly fast and convenient.

The physics of how it works can be left up to the experts who know the ins and outs so you don’t have to. Though for curiosity’s sake it is dependent on a hydraulic system and primarily used for two-wheel drives. It should be noted it is not ideal for long-distance drives, we provide alternative services for them.

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Wheel Lift Towing Service

Any company that does not keep the customer well informed about the risks involved in the service should raise red flags. You should be incredibly careful and picky in choosing which company to get a wheel lift from. Many do not have the adequate equipment or training to properly tow their vehicle. Plus the main advantage of the wheel lift is it has fewer chances of causing damage which won’t be the case if someone inexperienced is at the driver’s seat of the tow truck.

Find Tow Trucks is just as reliable as we market ourselves to be. You can rest assured if you choose our wheel lift service that it’ll be professionally handled. We aim to protect the vehicle from all damage possible throughout the whole transportation process.
Furthermore, we have our team reach you in the shortest time possible. We value your time and intend to never waste even a second of it. Our goal is to survey the situation and provide the optimal care needed. Putting your faith in us will be a rewarding feeling as we always deliver what we promise.


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