Frequently Asked Questions

Is towing rough on my car?

No. Quite the opposite. Since your car is lifted by it’s tires, it is riding on your own suspension. And the tow truck’s suspension absorbs most of the bumps.

How many different ways are there to tow a car?

Many. Check out our Towing Services page to learn how we do it.

Can you unlock my car with electric locks or side-impact airbags?

Yes. Our drivers are trained Car Lockout specialists who carry an ever increasing array of vehicle unlocking tools. NEVER let an untrained person attempt to unlock your vehicle! Your doors internal mechanisms and wires are very fragile.

Will you be available to help me on the road if it's the middle of the night?

Our professional team makes no distinctions in the hours of operation when there’s a customer in need. You can rely on our emergency call center and our towing professionals at any hour of the day for any automotive troubles you’re facing. Being a 24/7 towing service means that we’re always available for our patrons-twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you’re on the road or off we can help you whenever you need a towing expert by your side.

What All Is Included In The Emergency And Non-Emergency Towing Services?

Non-emergency and emergency services are basically the same, with the major difference being if the customer feels they are in danger. An emergency situation could include anything from being stranded alone after dark, beside an interstate or at a congested intersection. All of these will require emergency towing service to eliminate the potential dangers.

Now, an example of a non-emergency situation could be the vehicle just needs to be towed to a local garage for repairs. Another example is if you are stranded in a crowded, retail business parking lot in the middle of the day. Emergency towing service will cost more than non-emergency, since it requires expedient attention to prevent potential dangers.

What Exactly Is Two-Wheel Towing Services?

Two-wheel towing is defined as a vehicle with wheels that are fixed and lifted being towed on the open highway. Two-wheels vehicles are cars and trucks that can be lifted up with a dolly and situated on a towing truck directly behind the ramp. Larger vehicles, such as RVs, 18-wheelers and delivery trucks will require additional equipment to tow safely on an open highway. If you own a standard car or truck, it will be transported to a specific location at a two-wheel towing price. We offer two-wheel towing services at the lowest cost and encourage all clients to take full advantage of this offering.

What Is Heavy-Duty Towing And When Is It Required?

Heavy-duty towing basically refers to commercial vehicles, such as 18-wheelers and freight trucks. When a heavy-duty vehicle needs to be towed, the process will require a crane or some other form of equipment to lift the vehicle up, as well as the items stored on the vehicle. To avoid paying expensive heavy-duty towing, most trucking and freight companies will choose to have the vehicle repaired on the spot. An automotive technician will be deployed to the stranded vehicle with the necessary equipment and replacement parts to make the repairs. The vehicle will not be moved unless it is located in an unsafe location.

Did you impound my vehicle?

Call your local police agency or 911 to report your vehicle missing or stolen. All impounded vehicles are immediately reported to the police. If the vehicle was impounded, call the corresponding company to arrange for the vehicle’s release.

What are your prices?

Rates for service depend on the individual situation and type of service performed. Call us for 24 hour pricing information on towing services or impounds.

Do I need to have any tools?

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